When Gretchen first contacted me, she and her family were in the midst of adapting to their new home in Lake County, Illinois after a move from Kentucky. Anyone who has made a long distance move with small children can probably relate, but add to that living in a hotel and repairing damage on their new house while trying to create a 'home' before Christmas - it can just be so stressful!

We pushed the family photo session off until after the holidays, so that everyone could feel more relaxed and comfortable - and I tell you - these things always happen for a reason! It was a balmy 20 degrees, so having the photo session both in and out doors and adding some hot chocolate and marshmallows certainly helped. Gretchen asked me to capture her daughters bedrooms as well - since they're not sure how long they'll be in Illinois due to her husbands employer - she wanted something that the girls could look back on and remember their time here.  And with documenting families in their natural environment being at the center of my heart, I was more than happy to oblige.

From Gretchen.... "Looking at these photos feels like I'm finally seeing our home come together. Actually brought tears to my eyes! Thank you again, you more than exceeded my expectations."

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