Lifestyle Family Session in Lincoln Park, Kenosha

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The Olson Family has recently found out that their beloved pet, Stella, has an incurable form of cancer. Without knowing for sure how long they'll have left with her, they decided to include her in their family session. What a little ham she was! This dog actually squinted for the camera - as though she was smiling. It was the cutest thing I'd ever seen! You wouldn't know she was 11 years young either, this dog had a lot of energy and was running around with the kids, having just as much fun as they were!

I had a day of family photos scheduled at Lincoln Park in Kenosha. It's such a gorgeous park, with many opportunities for beautiful photos, so we made sure to make use of multiple areas to give the Olson's plenty of options when it comes time for them to choose their favorite images to print.

Little Stella even got her own moment of glory!