When it comes to photography, I generally tell people that I'm a wedding photographer. Because if I simply say "I'm a photographer" the next question is something along the lines of 'what do you photograph?'.

What I would like to say...and should probably go about doing this from now on...is:

I love to capture beauty and all the ways it presents itself to me. I create legacies. I freeze time and emotion. I get people excited by sharing my excitement & love for the art of photography. I create something NOW with the intent of it being priceless LATER.

Be it on a wedding day, in my studio, in my client's home, or at a location of their choice.

Mother Daughter portrait shoots are one of those opportunities to produce classic, irreplaceable images for clients. I wish that I could compact all the 'whys' into a little bite sized capsule that people could swallow, and magically understand my intent. I defer back to the creating now for later comment.

There are so many push backs and excuses as to why someone may think that now is too late, or now isn't the right time, or that nobody cares to have a photo of you. I do what I do now, because in 2, 5, 10 or 20 years, you - or SOMEONE - will be longing to look at those photos. They will be absolutely priceless. All the push backs and excuses will be non-existent in the mind of the viewer.

I'm 14 years into my relationship with my daughter. I cherish the photos at each stage of her life, and one day, I'll be gone. Will she want to look at photos of herself at each stage of her life? Sure - probably. Will she want to look at photos of her and I together at each stage of her life? WITHOUT A DOUBT YES.

Turning the photo taking process into a full blown experience is just icing on the cake. This is something that just the two of you (or more if you have more daughters) can do together to celebrate milestones in your lives. Perhaps you already go get your nails done together, or facials, or massages, or a girls week-end....these are all luxurious memories that you're creating together. Having hair & make-up with a photo shoot & gorgeous prints to keep forever, is also a luxurious memory. Except you get to have the memory in physical form, to pass down to future generations. The photos will live longer than both you and your daughter.

I get so energized when talking about this, because I'm just THAT passionate about providing this full service experience to people. While I'm talking mainly about Mother Daughter photo shoots, there is nothing that says you couldn't have any other children & your spouse come toward the end of the session. This would be a great way to round it out with a beautiful family portrait to complete the story & finish off your folio box with your entire heart in one place.

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